Family Love Kennel is your source for cockapoos in North Florida. We are a small family owned kennel. After raising Burmese cats for 15 years I was ready for a friendly dog.  After much research I decided a Cockapoo was the dog for me. I had grown weary of people being allergic to my cats, so I chose a non-allergic, hypoallergenic breed--the Cockapoo. Because the Cockapoo is half Poodle, it does not have fur, rather it has hair. They do not shed. So all my friends with allergies can come to our home again. We started off with two pet cockapoos who continue to bring us much joy. Today we have 2 pets, 3 breeding females and 1 stud in our new location of Baker County, Florida.

Proud members of the American Cockapoo Club
Famous flying cockapoo puppy

Junior our cockapoo stud and new father of both litters.

Family Love Kennel

North Florida Cockapoos offers cockapoo puppies that make fantastic companions

The famous "flying" puppy.

You can see pictures of our current and past parents on the cockapoo parents page.

We have 1 male cockapoo puppy left!

Contact Helen Downing today 714-801-3671 or if you're interested.

Shiloh the proud merle cockapoo mother.

You can see pictures of our available puppies on the cockapoo puppies for sale page.

Welcome To Family Love Kennel North Florida Cockapoos

Shiloh's black cockapoo puppy for sale.

Family Love Kennel -- now in North Florida!

We do not maintain a waiting list, so contact us ASAP if you are interested in a new cockapoo puppy.

Contact Helen Downing at: 714-801-3671 or for more information.

Happy customers show off Shiloh's and Buffy's buff cockapoo puppies.